LEVEL I Study Series


Certificates of Study Program Purpose

The purpose of the ICD Certificate of Study Series is to provide both basic and specialized topic education on issues, concepts, and challenges presented by client work.

ICD subscribers who hold a Level I Certificate of Study have completed six hours of education specific to that subject area.


Certificate of Study Series Descriptions

ICD offers ten Level One certificates.

The Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization is required before a subscriber may be listed on ICD’s web referral page, and is a starting point for all other certificates and certification.

ICD offers nine additional certificates of study

*Following suit with the professional counseling field, we combined physical and mental health into one certificate. ICD is following the trend to focus on wellness and recognizing that physical and mental health challenges are frequently connected.

These certificates of study provide further education in specific subject areas. The Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization must be completed and received prior to the submission of any other certificates of study.  Click each certificate for additional information.

Subscribers may attend classes for these study certificate programs before submission of the Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization application. They will receive class credit toward the certificates providing the standard attendance requirements are met. (See ICD class page for more explanation). 


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