ICD® Volunteer Community


This is not your ordinary volunteer work.

Just as ICD® is not an ordinary professional organization, volunteering with us is a unique experience.
The high-quality ICD® education and resources which you value is all made possible because so many fabulous people participate in the effort.
If you are interested in volunteering with ICD, please fill in this form so that we can find you the best position for your time and skills.

Current Volunteer Opportunities


Chair Positions

  • 2022 Conference Co-Chairs - work with our Director of Conference and committees to put together an amazing event for ICD®
  • Authors Page Committee Chair - oversee the addition of new books as they are added to the existing page

Committee Work Positions

  • Authors Page Committee - Read books written by ICD® subscribers, submit short commentary - time commitment - depends on how quickly you read!  Books reviewed as submitted
  • Education Marketing Liasion - work with the Education Director and Marketing Director to write copy for ICD®'s education - 1 -2 hours per month
  • Social Media monitors and posters - time commitment - less than one hour per week
  • Research Enthusiasts - lookout for current research, help bring info to ICD® subscribers - time commitment - 5 hours per month

Work on Tasks currently in ICD® projects

  • Editors - update of ICD Guide for Professional Organizers - time commitment - will vary according to the number of editors - estimate less than 1 hour per article
  • Organizing Community sleuth - lookout for organizers who might be interested in ICD - time commitment - 1-hour per month
  • ICD Conference 2022 - Work with Conference Co-Chairs to organize this very special 20th Anniversary event - 2 to 10-hours a month




Please contact us at [email protected]


We’re excited about helping you find YOUR great volunteering opportunity!