ICD® Certificate and Certification Overview

  • Certificates and certification enhance your professional credibility
  • Clients learn that you are knowledgeable and that you keep up with developments in your profession
  • Increased client confidence in you, your work together, and your process
  • Confidence that your clients with brain-based challenges or other complex situations are getting the best service possible 

ICD® Certificate and Specialist Levels

ICD provides five levels of certificates and certification all focused on chronic disorganization, a holistic approach to working with organizing and productivity clients. With five levels, as you grow your business, your education continues to meet your needs.

Chronic Disorganization is not a medical diagnosis but the word "chronic" does acknowledge a lifelong struggle. We look at many situations and conditions that affect CD. ICD education is focused on educating our subscribers to assist their clients affected by chronic disorganization.

For current pricing of certificates and certification click here.  An Education Mentor can help you navigate through ICD's customizable education and certificate/certification program.

Foundation Certificate (Basic CD)

  • Required for being included in the ICD referral directory.
  • Prerequisite for Level II Chronic Disorganization Specialist Certificate
  • Required to advance to any of the Level II Specialist Certificates

Level I Certificates of Study

"My ICD training makes me feel justified and confident in referring to myself as someone who is qualified in helping people to get organized. I enjoy the teleclasses and I've learned a lot in my time training with the ICD." Andrea Marson

  • Basic plus specialized education on issues, concepts, and challenges presented by client work
  • Classes are given by mental health and wellness professionals (social workers, licensed professional counselors, psychologists, etc.), and various organizing and productivity professionals inside and outside our field
  • ICD subscribers who hold a Level I Certificate of Study have completed six hours of education specific to that subject area

ADHD - Certificate of Study in ADHD
AGE - Certificate of Study in Understanding the Needs of the Aging Client
HIC - Certificate of Study in Health Issues and Conditions and the Client Affected by CD
HRD - Certificate of Study in Understanding Hoarding Behavior
INT - Certificate of Study in Interpersonal Intelligence
LT - Certificate of Study in Life Transitions and the Client Affected by CD
MGMT - Certificate of Study in Client Management (formerly Client Administration)
SLT - Certificate of Study in Student and Learning Theories
TMP - Certificate of Study in Time Management and Productivity

Level II Specialist Certificates

         "I have learned things through ICD classes and readings that I didn’t learn at university when I was studying to be a teacher."  Debby Lea, CPO-CD®

  • Broader and deeper specialized topic education on issues, concepts, and challenges presented by client work.
  • ICD subscribers who hold a Level II CD Specialist have completed approximately 25 hours of education on Chronic Disorganization
  • Subscribers who hold the ADHD, Aging or Hoarding Specialist Certificate have completed an additional 25 hours of education specific to the specialist subject area.

Chronic Disorganization Specialist®
ADHD Organizing Specialist
Hoarding Specialist
Aging Specialist

Level III Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization®

 "By investing in yourself you are investing in your client’s success. I was delighted at how much fun and how exciting it was." 
Kim Diamond, CPO-CD®

  • This is ICD's Certification Level and the 1st of two leading industry certifications.
  • Each candidate is assigned an experienced CPO-CD® program mentor and works one-on-one, in the completion of a 17-20 month program.
  • A CPO-CD® is a professional organizer who has been educated in-depth on the issues of chronic disorganization.
  • The CPO-CD® program uses various educational formats so that the student can apply the education, during the program, with current clients and work with the program mentor on results and challenges.
  • The Level III program starts in January each year. Applications are due in mid-November.
  • Level III and above require recertification every three years.

Level IV Communication Mentor


        "Today I received a message from a client who has faced many difficult challenges. She wrote, “Thank you for your beautiful listening this year”.              I feel like my ability to listen to her in the way that she needed was a direct result of what I learned and practiced in the Level IV program."
        Wendy Hanes, CPO-CD®

  • Develop skills and knowledge in the areas of training, presenting, coaching, motivation, communication and leadership.
  • Practical applications include volunteering as an Education Mentor working with subscribers on their educational needs and goals.
  • This level also prepares you for Level V, which includes being a Program Mentor to a CPO-CD® student candidate.

Level V Master Trainer in CD and Organization Overview

  • Develop and/or deepen leadership, publication, training skills; provide service, and commitment to the field of study and exploration of Chronic Disorganization and Organization/Productivity.
  • This is the ICD certificate and certification program's highest level of achievement.
  • Part of your role is to mentor a CPO-CD® student candidate.
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