Master Trainer in CD and Organization

The purpose of the Master Trainer certificate is to develop and acknowledge leadership, publication, training, service, and commitment to the field of study and exploration of Chronic Disorganization and Organization. This is the ICD certificate and certification program's highest level of achievement.

General Requirements for participation

  • Be a current ICD subscriber.
  • Be working professionally with at least one CD client.
  • Hold a current Level IV Program Mentor or Communication Mentor credential. Please contact the Certification Program Director for waiver information.
  • Diligently train and mentor a Level III student.
  • Attend four one-hour preview sessions.
  • Attend four independent one-half hour mentor coach sessions.
  • Write and present one ICD teleclass.
  • Complete an application for program admittance and mail it with appropriate fees to the ICD. The fee of $105.00 includes a $25.00 non-refundable application fee.
  • Total Time Commitment: the program is set up in tandem with the CPO-CD® program, lasting approximately 20 months, because of the mentoring of a level III candidate. 

Upon completing all the requirements the Level V Master Trainer in CD and Organization candidate must submit the Level V Completion Form.

Please contact the Certification Director for the latest completion application

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