Recertification for CPO-CD®, Communication Mentors and Master Trainers

Recertification is required every three years for CPO-CD®, Communication Mentors and Master Trainers to remain current.

To maintain their Level III CPO-CD® certification graduates must participate in twenty-seven (27) hours of continuing education in the field of Chronic Disorganization.  A portion of the education requirements (nine hours) may be replaced by volunteer service to ICD or the population affected by CD.

To maintain their Level IV Communication Mentor or Level V Master Trainer designation graduates must participate in eighteen (18) hours of continuing education in the field of Chronic Disorganization plus demonstrate leadership in the community. More information in the links below.

Graduates may recertify at the highest level of their ICD credentials or below. A subscriber choosing to recertify below their highest level must repeat any higher levels to regain the credential.

Qualifying Continuing Education

Qualifying continuing education may include:

  • ICD® classes
  • ICD® conference sessions
  • Education forums on topics relevant to the population affected by Chronic Disorganization
  • CD-relevant college classes
  • CD-relevant sessions at a related industry conference 

Tasks and education completed in the three years since the previous recertification or completion application will meet the requirements as long as they have not been used for any previous certification requirements. 

Contact ICD’s Certification Program Director at [email protected] for verification of other education credits.


Application Process

Please note: Appropriate proof/documentation is required for continuing education. Graduates are responsible for maintaining their own records.  

When submitting the recertification application, please attach supporting documentation electronically in one file. Documentation submitted in multiple files will be returned for reformatting.

 Please complete the recertification application online 

  • When submitting the application online, be sure to upload the supporting documentation in one document.
  • Keep copies of all documents for your records. 
  • Acknowledgment of application and supporting documentation receipt will be emailed within three days. New certificates will be mailed out within two weeks.

 Contact ICD’s Certification and Services Director at [email protected] for questions about the application process. 


Not Intending to Recertify?

If you choose not to renew your CPO-CD® credential, you will be required to change all information on your website, business card, and marketing materials pertaining to your CPO-CD® status within 60 days.  Please contact the Certification and Services Director to talk about this in more depth

For any questions or discussion regarding recertification please contact the Certification and Services Director to arrange a conversation. Let us help you work through this credentialing process. [email protected]


Please note that Recertification forms and fees may change each year. If you are interested in info for a future year, please use these forms as a general guideline.

ICD CPO-CD® Recert Service Plan 2024

Recertification Application for CPO-CD®