Free Classes for Professionals

During this challenging time when you are unable to provide in-person work with clients, ICD® is offering a way to invest some of this time in accessing introductory education free of charge for non-subscribers.  Fill out this form to access the resources.

Please note that we do not currently offer classes for the public.

Available Classes:

CD-100 Introduction to Chronic Disorganization (CD)

HRD-100 Introduction to Hoarding

ADHD-100 Introduction to ADHD

AGE-100 Understanding Health Issues and Conditions of the Aging Client affected by CD

MGMT-680 Virtual Organizing and Clients Affected by Chronic Disorganization

TMP-350 Managing Productivity During the Pandemic

MGMT-685 Pandemic Surprises and Strategies

Understand by taking these classes via free access, CEU confirmation credit will not be given. However, when taking these classes as a subscriber credit can be obtained.

 Download the shareable flyer here.

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