Included in Your Dues - An Education Mentor

Whatever you would like to achieve in your ICD education, we can help you get there.  When you join ICD, you may request that a member of our Education Mentor Team (EMT) contact you to help you navigate ICD’s multi-level certificate programs. Match your business goals to the education you require. Or use the courses for your certification requirements with other organizations to which you belong. Our courses are led by social workers, organizers, productivity specialists, psychologists, coaches and more, so your professional development needs can be met.
Did you know...Educational Mentors are not just for new subscribers!  Any subscriber who needs help or guidance regarding their ICD educational goals can reach out and be assigned a mentor.
You may need support sorting out the classes you've taken and which certificates you are ready to apply for or almost ready; we do that, too!
If you are already an ICD subscriber and would like your own personal Education Mentor, fill in this form.
We’ll get you going in the right direction!



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