Giving Overview

It is estimated that up to 5% of the US population – over 10 million Americans – exhibit hoarding behavior – and that’s ONLY ONE of the many issues that complicate the lives of people affected by chronic disorganization (CD).
Research shows that excessive clutter and disorganization can be symptoms of a larger health problem. Some common causes are;
  • ADHD
  • Brain injury
  • Memory issues
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Emotional trauma, and
  • Grief
These challenges often prevent people from getting organized and may lead to an abundance of clutter.
Quality of life is negatively affected on a daily basis.
ICD is the leader in providing support for individuals and the research community worldwide regarding CD.
As a non-profit 501(c)(3) this valuable work is done thanks to our dedicated subscribers and donors.

Our goal is to continue to

  • Provide education for professional organizers and related professionals which will benefit people living with CD
  • Collaborate with leading professionals in the cutting edge study of CD
  • Pursue research opportunities around CD issues and publish these findings.

There are many ways YOU can help

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Your generosity will allow those challenged with CD issues to live the lives they have only dreamed about

Donations and Tributes

You Can Help!

Your contribution makes it possible for ICD to further develop programs that equip professionals to help those challenged by chronic disorganization and support essential research.

Chronic disorganization touches more than the individual challenged by disorganization.

  • Children - are affected in multiple ways (social interaction, regular meals, academic support)
  • Marriages and friendships are often stressed to a breaking point.
  • Employers and coworkers are affected

How to Help

Make a difference by supporting research and education that will benefit those challenged by CD and hoarding.