ICD® Authors

ICD® Subscribers are engaged learners and sharers of information.  We support ICD® subscribers who choose to write a book in hopes that it will help a client, organizer, or person challenged with disorganization. Listing books here is an acknowledgment of our subscribers' contribution to ICD®, the organizing community and to the public and not an endorsement of any specific book.  Please explore these resources as you would in a library or online.  


ICD® subscribers are invited to complete the Authors  Page Submission Form. Please note that the ICD subscribers featured have written something that fits ICD's mission – their publications must provide education, research and strategies that can benefit people affected by chronic disorganization and the professionals who work with them.



Gayle Gruenberg, CPO-CD®, CVOP

Get the Big O… ORGANIZED! 7 Steps to Achieving Calm, Clarity, and Control in Your Space, Mind – and Life! (2024)


Cindy Sullivan, CPO®

The Six Pillars of Productivity: Strategies to Organize the Time of Your Life, 2023


Maria Spetalnik, CPO® 

A Practical Guide to Hoarding for Friends and Family (2023)

Virginia Wells

WellSorted Decluttering Card Deck and WellSorted Maintenance Card Deck , 2023


Jen Cazares, CPO-CD®, CVOPTM

Making the SHiFT®: True Stories of How People Affected by Chronic Disorganization Learn to Live a Deserving Life (2023)


Jill Yesko, CPO®

I'm Right Here: 10 Ways to Get Help for Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization (2021)


Diane Quintana, CPO-CD®, Master Trainer
and Jonda Beattie

Filled Up and Overflowing: What to Do When Life Events, Chronic Disorganization, or Hoarding Go Overboard (2020)


Standolyn Robertson, CPO®

Managing Client Expectations: A Guide for Organizing Professionals (2020)


Katie Tracy, CPO®

Behind the Closed Door: The Mental Stress of Physical Stuff (2020)



Susan Fay West, CMHC, CPO-CD®, ICD Master Trainer

Change Your Habits: ADHD Style (2020)
Organize for a Fresh Start 

Sara Skillen   

Sara S. Skillen, COC®, CPO®  

Organizing and Big Scary Goals: Working With Discomfort and Doubt To Create Real Life Order (2019)


Kate Varness, CPO-CD®, COC®, MA

Who Am I Now?: Realign Your Home and Life (2019)


 Denise Allan, CPO-CD®, ICD Master Trainer

Declutter and Thrive: Overcoming 6 Common Disorganization Types to Reveal Your Best You  (2018)


Juliet Landau-Pope

What's Your Excuse for not Clearing Your Clutter?: Overcome your excuses, simplify your life, make space for what matters (2018)
What's Your Excuse for not Being More Productive?: Overcome your excuses, stop procrastinating, get things done (2017)


Denslow Brown, CPO®, CPO-CD®, ICD Master Trainer, MCC, SCAC

Recognizing & Respecting the Lines: Distinguishing Organizing, Coaching and Psychotherapy (A Guide for Professional Organizers), 2nd Ed. (2017)
The Processing Modalities Guide: Identify and Use Specific Strengths for Better Functioning, 2nd Ed. (2015)


Vickie Delaquilla, CPO-CD®, ICD Master Trainer

Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize, and Move, 2nd Ed. (2017)


Susan Gardner, CPO-CD®

The Focus Project: Frame, Value, Edit (2017)


 Judith Kolberg

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, 2nd Ed.  (2017)
Getting Organized in the Era of Endless  (2013)
What Every Professional Organizer Needs to Know About Hoarding  (2008)
Conquering Chronic Disorganization, 2nd Ed. (2007)
What Every Professional Organizer Needs to Know About Chronic Disorganization, 3rd Ed.  (1999)


Maria Spetalnik

Hoarding for Law Enforcement and Other Public Officials by Maria Spetalnik (2016)


 Karen Kruzan, LISW-S, CPO-CD®

Fresh Start: Overcoming Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding Group Manual  (co-author with Barbara Jo Dennison)

Rise Above Your Stuff: A Workbook for Those Struggling to Find Themselves Amidst Their Stuff  (co-author with Barbara Jo Dennison) (2015)



Katherine Trezise, CPO®, CPO-CD®, MBA

My Journey to an Organized Life: A Creative Road Map for Organizing Your Time, Space, and Finances (co-authored with Jennifer Power) (2015)


Valentina Sgro

Heart of a Hoarder (2011)
Photographic Memories (2010)
Stuffed with Turkey and Other Organizing Tidbits (2010)

A Mess of Fish and Other Organizing Tidbits (2009)
Patience and the Porsche (2007)


Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, ICD Master Trainer

The Other Side of Organized: Finding Balance Between Chaos and Perfection (2009)