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to the International ICD® Pages!

 International ICD Committee

We are glad you found us on the ICD® website! May we introduce ourselves?
We are the ICD® International Committee, five Professional Organizers from different countries and even different continents, languages and cultures.

During breakfast at the ICD® conference in Orlando in 2019, we acknowledged these differences, but we also realized we had a lot in common:

  • we share our enthusiasm about ICD’s education and resources
  • we realize a lot of colleagues or potential clients in our countries miss out on all that ICD® has to offer because of language barriers
  • we all want our fellow country people to see what ICD® is about, the education and the community in their own language

In a spontaneous action, at the breakfast table, we decided we wanted to bring those two worlds together. That was the foundation of the International ICD® Committee!

We offer you a great selection of ICD's current resources, already translated in seven different languages: Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Japanese. More content, and hopefully more languages, will be added over time.
So please, go and explore ICD's tools and factsheets in your own language. Come back often, to see if there is anything new. The door is always open and you are most welcome!

International ICD® Committee

Tot ziens!   Hilde Verdijk (Chair) - DUTCH - The Netherlands
À bientôt!   Alison Lush - FRENCH - Quebec, Canada
Ciao!   Irene Novello - ITALIAN - Italy
Até breve!   Cintia Castorino - PORTUGUESE - Brazil
¡Hasta pronto!   Nacho Eguiarte - SPANISH - Mexico

Bis bald! Hilde Verdijk - GERMAN - The Netherlands

 International ICD Committee