ICD® Service Plan

Participation in service enriches our contribution to the population affected by Chronic Disorganization, and to our non-profit organization.  It is a valuable part of the ICD experience.

What is the ICD Service Plan?

ICD® subscribers must perform service activities to graduate from or re-certify for Levels III,  IV and V in our Certification Program. Some types of these credits can be earned in advance of entering the Certification program. 

How are credits earned, awarded or given?

Credits are related to the area of service of the ICD Board of Directors. Participation in service enriches our contribution to the population affected by Chronic Disorganization and to our non-profit association, as well as individual personal growth and satisfaction.

What kind of service do I have to do?

Once a subscriber becomes involved in the Certification and Leadership levels of our certificate and certification program they must contribute to the organizing community. 
For more information on re-certification activities,  please visit our re-certification page

Public Service

These services focus on directly serving the population affected by Chronic Disorganization or another organization where the service will ultimately benefit the same.  Public service helps raise awareness of CD issues and make more people aware of the role that educated professional organizers can play in the lives of individuals challenged by disorganization.

ICD Service

These services assist ICD® in maintaining quality educational programs, publications, and opportunities for ICD subscribers and other related professionals.

What kind of service credits do I need to earn?

That depends on which Level you are working toward or what you need for re-certification.
To graduate from the Level III CPO-CD® program, candidates must complete service in the Present, Write and Participate/Contribute categories,
and either the Represent or Lead categories. There are opportunities in each of these areas for Public Service and ICD service.
To recertify at Level IV and Level V candidates must perform a high-level task in the Write, Participate/Contribute or Lead categories.

Can I use the service I earned last year?

Yes. Service credit can be accumulated and is valid for 2 years. However, service is only valid up to two years before the start of a new level. For example, if you started Level III in January 2024, then only points earned starting in January 2022 are valid.
For recertification, service is valid for three years, since your last qualification.

Who records my service activities?

You are responsible for keeping and maintaining your records The ICD requires proof of your service with documentation appropriate for each type of service. For service within ICD, the Director overseeing the work will issue a Service Activity Confirmation form. If your service was outside of ICD and not in print you will need a transcript, a script, or a thank you letter from the host indicating the topic, date, and format of your presentation.

Current Service Plan

Service Plan Questions

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for regarding service, please contact our Certification and Services Director at [email protected]