LEVEL III: Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® - CPO-CD®

  • A Level III Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®) is a professional organizer who has been educated in depth on the issues of chronic disorganization.
  • The CPO-CD® student spends 17-20 months of intensive time studying and applying this learning in practical application with current clients.
  • The purpose of the ICD CPO-CD® program is to develop a professional organizer’s skills and knowledge by utilizing a mentor-style relationship.
  • This program provides the intermediate and advanced professional organizer an environment and forum to discuss client issues, problems and challenges.
  • Participation in the CPO-CD® program develops professional integrity and improves an organizer's communication skills.
  • The CPO-CD® program is specifically geared to improve the quality of service, techniques and knowledge professional organizers provide to their clients affected by CD.

The Level III program starts in January.
Level III Entrance Application for  CPO-CD® class of 2022, starting January 2021.

Readiness for CPO-CD Program fill-in form.

Thinking about becoming a CPO-CD®?

Download the Intro to the CPO-CD® handout. (This is an intro from 2017 but the program has not changed substantially since that time.)
Please contact Laurene Livesey Park, Certification Program Director at [email protected]

To participate in this program a Professional Organizer will need to

  • Have been working as a professional organizer for at least two (2) years
  • Be currently working professionally with at least three (3) clients
  • Have experience with five (5) CD clients
  • Be a current ICD subscriber for at least two (2) years
  • Have received the CD Specialist® Certificate and one other ICD Level II Specialist Certificate.
  • Have received the Level I Certificate of Study in two of the following three areas:
    • Level I Basic ADHD Issues with the Client Affected by CD Certificate
    • Level I Basic Hoarding Issues with the Client Affected by CD Certificate
    • Level I Understanding the Needs of the Aging Client Certificate
  • Meet class deadlines for the enrollment application. One class will be held per year. Each class will progress through the program at the same pace.
  • Be willing to participate in ICD's Service Program. Download here.
  • Complete an application for program admittance and send it with appropriate fees to the ICD. Program fee is $3,000. A payment plan is available. See the application for details.
  • Be willing to sign a statement of confidentiality with assigned ICD Program Mentor.

Program Components

  • Total Time Commitment: 200+ hours, depending upon each individual's learning styles, strengths and challenges, spread over 20 months.
  • Orientation - 1 hour
  • Telephone meeting with assigned mentor for 18 hours (note 4 hours earned in the first month of the program)
  • Service activities - participate in the ICD Community, and the community affected by Chronic Disorganization
  • Complete Level I Certificate of Study in ADHD, Level I Certificate of Study in Understanding Hoarding Behavior, and Level I Certificate of Study in Understanding the Needs of the Aging Client  (may be earned prior or simultaneously) - 12 hours
  • Complete a total of three Specialist Certificates, CD plus two of ADHD Specialist, Hoarding Specialist, or Aging Specialist (may be earned prior or simultaneously) estimated 50 hours
  • Complete survey and program paperwork (estimated monthly about 20 minutes) - 6 hours
  • Complete CPO-CD® required reading list – estimated 30 hours
  • Complete program assignments and written projects (estimated 80 hours) including
                                four written analyses of books, current organizing trends, organizing in the media
                                written client challenges most sessions
                                homework assignments related to sessions
                                medical case study, medical condition report
  • Submit completed assignments to Program Mentor in a timely manner. (at least 2 business days before meetings.)
  • Sit for 1 hour Peer Review for graduation. Candidate must complete an application to have a Peer Review. A fee is charged for the Peer Review, and candidates must complete an application and submit it by the appropriate deadline.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews are held annually usually in September.  Applicants starting the program in January of one year usually sit for Peer Review in September of the following year.
Upon passing the Peer Panel Review (consists of three to five CPO-CD® program graduates), and completion of all required coursework, successful candidates will be awarded the Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD®) credential.
The credential is renewed every 3 years. Click here for information regarding Recertification.
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