I've forgotten how to Log in

  • Click on green Member Login button located in right-hand column
  • Your default username is the email address you previously used for ICD classes
  • If you can't remember your password, click on the link to get a new one

Where are my Continuing Education Credits?

  • Sign in to the ICD website (not the LMS)
  • On the main profile page (with the grey box with your name on it) click on ICD Continuing Education Credits in the menu ribbon


Updating your profile to ensure you appear on the Find an Organizer directory

  • Your HOME address is for ICD use only
  • Your BUSINESS address needs to be populated to ensure you appear in the Directory
    • Business City
    • Business State/Province
    • Business Country
    • Zipcode (international subscribers leave blank or enter 00000)
    • Email
    • Website
    • Phone
  • Zip codes are very helpful in the Directory 
  • If you are not appearing in the directory, look for someone else in your area who DOES appear, and see how they have filled in their information
  • Any issues, please contact Laurene, [email protected]

How to Re-subscribe

  • If you are due to re-subscribe, you should receive an email 
  • This email includes an invoice and an invitation to re-subscribe, just click on the invoice or follow the link
  • Any difficulties, please contact Laurene, [email protected]

"I can see I'm logged in...where did my profile page go?"

  • Click on menu item FOR SUBSCRIBERS

My Certificates are not showing up in my LMS profile

  • Your ICD® certificates are visible in your profile on the ICD® website, where they are visible to potential clients
  • The only "certificates" on the LMS are certificates of passing the exams. 

 How to use the LMS (Learning Management System)

  • Please review the document linked here for information on using the LMS, accessing your Continuing Education Credits

How to register for a class

  • Open the calendar
  • Click on the event you want to register for (Premium Subscribers may register for the entire quarter on one form, link available in the Pulse, on the classes page and on the ICD® Subscribers Facebook page)
  • Follow the instructions
  • You will receive an email confirmation when process is complete
  • There will also be a record of your registration in your profile under SUBMISSIONS

"I tried to register for a class or event through the calendar, and received an error message"

  • When this happens, it is usually because the person is already registered
  • You can check in your profile
  • Look under SUBMISSIONS

How to access the class or event

  • In your class information email, you will receive a Zoom link for the event.
  • Please note that each event has a unique link
  • When the event is about to begin, you will have access to the ICD Zoom Room
  • You may also join after the event has started

"The class has already started, and I'd like to join - but I'm not registered"

  • No worries!
  • Go to the calendar
  • Click on the link to register
  • You will quickly receive an email confirmation, including the login Zoom link plus access to the handout!

How to submit codewords for live classes

  • In the class information email, there will be a link to submit your codewords
  • There's also a green button on the right side called 'ICD Online Class Confirmation' that you can click
  • Once sent, you will receive an email confirmation of submission
  • ALL your submissions can be viewed in your profile, under SUBMISSIONS
  • To streamline ICD operations, we will NOT be sending out email confirmations manually
  • We will ONLY contact you if there is an anomaly with your codeword submission
  • If you do NOT hear from us, after two weeks your submission shows up as a credit

Tracking class credits and Continuing Education Credits

  • All your confirmed live classes in the new system are visible in your submissions folder in your profile, and will be added to your profile under Continuing Education Credits
  • When you listen to the full class (let it play to the end, not just fter the code number) and complete the confirmation in the LMS, your credits will show in your profile
  • If ever you would like assistance, please contact Laurene at [email protected] 
  • If ever you need documentation of your education for certification elsewhere... Live classes and those completed in the LMS will be in your profile. You can prepare a pdf of relevant classes.  For additional assistance, please contact Laurene. 

Where is my record of classes from the old platform?

  • If you want your pre-2018 history and have not yet received it from us, please contact Laurene at [email protected]

"I uploaded my profile picture but I don't see it"

  • Sometimes it takes time for the browser to re-fresh
  • Check back tomorrow, and if it's still not there, please contact Laurene

"I don't want to upload my photo..."

  • You may upload another image such as your company logo in that space.