ICD Classes

  • ICD classes are a primary benefit of ICD subscribership but may be accessed by anyone interested in the subject material. Class rates are below.
  • Designed to enhance knowledge and effectiveness in working with people affected by chronic disorganization
  • Up to forty new classes offered annually
  • Topics are chosen to expand the broad range of knowledge, skill, and experience of the attendees

Class attendance for credit is an integral component of the ICD Certification program; however, those who do not wish to pursue certification will find great educational value in ICD classes. 


  • ICD subscribers
  • Teachers
  • Authors
  • Medical professionals
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Researchers
  • and other experts across many disciplines

ICD is always eager for new presenters and fresh topics!

If you would like to present or have an idea for a new topic, please contact our Education Director.

Fees and Levels of Subscribership



  • Access to all live classes
  • Access to all recorded classes
  • $ 439



  • Access to all live classes for a fee
  • $ 319 plus
  • $ 39 per live class 


  • Access only to live classes
  • $ 49 per live class


Accessing ICD Classes

  • Classes are posted on the ICD website schedule
  • Click on the calendar link to register (register for each class individually)
  • You will immediately receive an email confirmation, including the Zoom link to access the class at the scheduled time*
  • There is no need to cancel your registration if you are unable to attend a class, but we do ask that you only register for classes you intend to attend live.  Classes will be available in the Vault within two weeks of being presented.

Class schedule

  • One-hour live classes are presented at 8 pm Eastern (GMT-5)
  • January-March, on Mondays
  • April-June, on Tuesdays
  • July-September, on Wednesdays
  • October-December, on Thursdays

Handout and Confirmation for Credit

  • A second email will be sent to you, a day or two before the scheduled class
  • It will provide you the PDF class handout, a reminder of the class connection information, and a link to the confirmation form
  • During the class, take note of the two codewords and the code number
  • After the class, please submit the confirmation form with the codes
  • These forms become part of your personal profile and confirm your attendance**

Class Recordings

  • Classes required for our Certificates of Study will always be available as recordings
  • Visit the certificate pages for links to the specific classes
  • Other recorded classes are stored in The Vault and are available for credit to Premium Subscribers
  • To confirm classes you have heard online in the Vault, fill in the Online Class Confirmation Form


* Participants are responsible for any telecommunication charges

** Please note that we use the zoom.us platform to host our classes. You may connect for audio and visual online, or call in via telephone. ICD cannot provide class credit to anyone who misses the required information due to personal equipment malfunction. In order to maintain the integrity of our Certification Program, ICD adheres to strict procedures for confirming class credit.