Certificate of Study in Needs of the Aging Client

Certificate Description

The Certificate covers the specialized needs and issues of working with the Aging Client affected by Chronic Disorganization.
ICD Subscribers who hold this certificate are familiar with navigating the downsizing process, the general decline in abilities, and “senior moments”. They are aware of resources available to seniors, recognizing when help is needed, and locating available community support. 
They understand the cognitive decline that is often associated with aging,  the grieving process and other life transitions of aging, along with communication style differences needed to have a sensitive, compassionate client relationship.

An ICD subscriber who has earned the Level I Certificate of Study in the Needs of the Aging Client has completed 6 hours of education in this area in addition to 6 hours of general education in Chronic Disorganization.

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The requirements of this certificate are

Please note

  • Class credits are good for three (3) years.
  • For any questions regarding applications, please contact [email protected].