Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization

Certificate Description

All of your ICD education builds on this certificate.  It is required learning before a subscriber is eligible to be listed on the Find a Professional Organizer directory for the public.  It is the beginning of learning for every other certificate and certification. Subscribers must complete the Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization in order to earn additional Level I Certificates of Study or to advance to the Level II Specialist Certificates.
A subscriber who holds the Level I Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization has a basic understanding of Chronic Disorganization and has considered ethical, boundary and safety issues. They have been introduced to four of our areas of study in CD: ADHD, Hoarding Behavior, Aging Issues, and Health Issues and Conditions.
An ICD subscriber who has earned the Level I Foundation Certificate in Chronic Disorganization has completed 6 hours of general education in Chronic Disorganization.


Apply Online

The requirements of this certificate are

  • Be a current ICD subscriber
  • Attend the required classes
    • CD-100 Introduction to Chronic Disorganization
    • CD-120 Boundaries, Ethics and Safety
    • ADHD-100 Introduction to ADHD
    • ADM-190 (ADM-425) Privacy Concerns and the CD Client
    • AGE-100 Understanding Health Issues and Conditions affecting the Aging Client affected by CD
    • HRD-100 Introduction to Hoarding Behavior
  • Complete a Certificate of Study Application online

Please note

  • Class credits are good for three (3) years.
  • Classes can be applied to a maximum of two (2) different certificates. However, the same class cannot be applied to both the Level I Certificate of Study, and the Level II Specialist Certificate within the same subject area.
  • For any questions regarding applications, please contact [email protected].