Certificate of Study in Client Management

Certificate Description

The Certificate gives specialized knowledge to help manage a client load which includes the special needs and conditions of working with clients affected by chronic disorganization.
Subscribers who hold the Certificate of Study in Client Management have developed practices around professionalism and thoughtfulness, client relationships and relationship building. They have explored resources available to serve clients better, including apps and other technology.  They have shared best practices with others in the organizing community.  Their studies have covered tools, tips and techniques for working with clients affected by CD.
An ICD subscriber who has earned the Level I Certificate of Study in Client Management (formerly Client Administration) has completed 6 hours of education in this area in addition to 6 hours of general education in Chronic Disorganization.

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The requirements of this certificate are

    • Privacy Concerns and the CD Client
    • Building Long-Term Client Relationships
    • Resources for Investigating Physical and Mental Health Conditions
    • When Things Go Wrong
    • Managing Client Expectations
    • Nuts and Bolts of Collaborative Partnerships 
    • Where to Begin When There’s Nowhere to Move
    • Understanding the Clutter-Hoarding Scale™
    • Understanding and Working with the CQLS
    • What I Know Now that I Wish I Knew Then – panel discussion
  • Complete a Certificate of Study Application online.

Please note

  • Class credits are good for three (3) years.
  • Classes can be applied to a maximum of two (2) different certificates. However, the same class cannot be applied to both the Level I Certificate of Study, and the Level II Specialist Certificate within the same subject area.
  • For any questions regarding applications, please contact [email protected].