Dr. Catherine Roster

Catherine Roster

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Dr. Catherine A. Roster is Professor of Marketing and consumer psychology scholar at the University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Management, Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Roster is considered one of the leading scholars in consumer disposal decision processes. Her research examining environmental, social, psychological, and emotional factors associated with dispossession, clutter, and compulsive buying has been published in numerous top consumer psychology journals, including the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology & Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, Journal of Environmental Psychology, and the Journal of Consumer Affairs, to name a few. “Ross,” as she is known by friends and colleagues, served as ICD’s Research Director from 2007 to 2012 and is the author of ICD’s Clutter Quality of Life (CQLS) Scale.

Delaying the Decision to Dispose:

Research on Procrastination and Clutter across Age Cohorts, Settings, and Object Types

After meeting through ICD, Drs. Roster and Ferrari teamed together to understand the antecedents and consequences of clutter. Their research reveals a close association between procrastination and problems with clutter that begins early in life and becomes increasingly troublesome for adults as they age. In a series of studies, Drs. Roster and Ferrari find that the relationship between procrastination and clutter spans multiple age cohorts (students, young adults, older adults), settings (both home and work), and objects (physical, digital, and technology clutter). In this presentation, you will learn about the linkage between procrastination and clutter, what these researchers have found, where they are going, and what you can use to assist your clients.