ICD® Online Conference 2021 Session Confirmations

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Session 1 - Confirmation Form
Dr Edward Hallowell
Thriving With Distraction: 
The Science and Strategies You Need to Know to 
Make a Transformative Impact in Your Client’s Life

Session 2 - Confirmation Form
Juliet Landau-Pope
Coaching Clients with Dyspraxia and Related Conditions
Session 3 - Confirmation Form
Dr. Wayne Jonas & Dr. Lorissa MacAllister
Healing in the Time of COVID:
The Effects of Chronic Disorganization
and the External Environment on Healing
Session 4 -Confirmation Form
Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Character Strengths:
How Might Your Best Hidden Qualities Boost
Your Well-Being and Resilience?

Session 5
- Confirmation Form
Dr. Russell Barkley
ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Health Outcomes:
Implications for Life Expectancy and Clinical Management
Session 6 - Confirmation Form
Andrea de Paiva
NeuroArchitecture contributions to challenge disorganization
Session 7 - Confirmation Form
Lee Shuer
Think Outside the Toolbox:
WRAP® for Reducing Clutter in the Age of Covid-19 
Session 8 - Confirmation Form
Barbara Rubel
A FABULOUS Way to Build Resilience to
Mitigate the Impact of Compassion Fatigue
Session 9- Confirmation Form
Ethan Smith
Turning Pain into Purpose: My OCD Journey
Session 10 - Confirmation Form
Alma Galvan & Bob Dietrich
Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Overwhelm and Focus Challenges 
Research Session - Confirmation Form
Adam Mathy & Elizabeth Hamilton
Part 1: Category Learning, Ageing, and Hoarding Symptoms
Part 2: Disorganization & Health:
Research on the Relationship Between Clutter & Medical Conditions