Luciana Randall

Lu Randall

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Lu Randall has her master's degree in rehabilitation counseling in addiction, and early in her career worked with people who had substance abuse problems.  She moved on to support those with physical disabilities and traumatic brain injuries directing an adult day center, and landed solidly in the autism world in 1994.  Working in family homes and community settings informed her practice and helped develop a practical knowledge base related to autism spectrum disorders and family living.  Currently, she is the executive director of the Autism Connection of PA and speaks extensively on all areas of autism life, from school to work, healthcare, victims services, and law enforcement officer continuing education.  She is a member of the Office of Developmental Programs Information Sharing and Advisory Committee and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Victim Services Committee.

Session: Autism - Ways to Work with an Overloaded Brain

The brain with autism is wired differently.  Learners will see brain images that illustrate exactly what is, or is not, going on inside a person's mind related to autism.  They will then be able to pick from various examples of visual supports, communication methods, picture schedules, and other tools organizers might use with a wide variety of clients including those on the autism spectrum.