Andrea Holzner, Ph.D.

Organizational Strategies For Your Aging Clientele

  1. Knowledge of aging and age-related conditions impacted by disorganization
  2. New tools and approaches for supporting older adults (w/ALz, PTSD, and mental health)
  3. Creating sustainable organization for social, environmental, and behavioral care Non-invasive communication Verbal, physicality, and emotional/behavioral interaction.
  • Professional toolkit for enhancing communication with aging clients
  • Circadian disorganization / Sleep
  • Cognitive decline and processing daily activities
  • Harmful environmental impacts of disorganization/safety planning
  • Organizing home, social activities, and visits Fall prevention
  • Alzheimer's — Caregiver support (integrative toolkits)
  • Prescriptive challenges, Reducing polypharmacy and drug interactions
  • Comorbidity challenges and finding resources Integrating care with local mental health, behavioral healthcare services
  • Sustainable aging care / Organizing medical, legal, and health records
  • End of life preparedness
  • Healthy cognition and aging
  • Purposeful living and creating schedules for life

*Each of these topics is recommended for professionals working with aging clientele. Each subject is related to organizational skills, managing daily activities, and enhancing wellbeing. This course is also available as a credited course (with handbook).

Dr. Andrea R. Holzner is a gerontologist, and founder of Alzheimer’s Integrative Wellness Group in Portland, OR. She speaks and trains nationally on topics such as organizational strategies for aging clientele, rural aging sustainability, Alzheimer's, and provider support for medical, audiological, and dental healthcare professionals. She has presented at various conferences on the complexities of caregiving, rural aging, and supporting providers who work with an aging population. As a neuropsychologist, gerontologist, and published researcher, she is actively involved in helping provide those with Alzheimer's and their loved ones achieve the highest quality of life. Via the troika of her degrees, Gerontology Ph.D., Certification in Clinical Psychology, Master’s in Psychology, Dr. Holzner is able to address the full diapason of psychological, social, environmental, and medical challenges facing those in the aging ecosystem.