Teleclass Recordings

ICD offers different categories of teleclass recordings, some for credit and others for listening.

Teleclasses that are required for specific Level I and Level II Certificates

Please note: All ICD subscribers are encouraged to listen to the required teleclasses.  These teleclasses are mandatory only if you wish to earn the Level I or Level II Certificate for which these teleclasses apply. 

  • Available to all subscribers, all the time
  • Charges apply for Standard Subscribers

Required Level I and II Teleclass Recordings for Credit 

Teleclass recordings available for credit 

These are recordings of regular teleclass offerings.

  • Available only to Premium subscribers
  • Listeners who fulfill the confirmation requirements, within four weeks of the original teleclass presentation, will receive credit.

Recorded Teleclasses for Credit

Teleclass recordings for listening but not credit 

After the four-week period for earning credit has elapsed, teleclass recordings remain for listening and review only.

  • Available only to Premium Subscribers
  • Access to teleclass recordings will eventually be removed, but not for at least 60 days after the original presentation

Listen to Teleclasses

Teleclasses for the public

ICD’s award-winning teleclasses have historically been available to members only. But now four teleclasses have been rerecorded for the general public and are available for only $10 per class.

Simply sign up and pay the $10 teleclass fee and within 48 hours you will receive an email with instructions to access the recording. You will have a two-week window to listen to the class from the time you receive access instructions. At the end of each class we will ask you to take a brief survey. Your feedback will help us continue to provide these teleclasses as a resource to the public.

Sign up for a public teleclass